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Golf Log – The Creation of Golfer


GOLF LOG – The Creation of Golfer helps you, because after a certain time you will easily be able to analyse all the past rounds and results, and in same time you, after couple of years, this GOLF LOG will be something that will remind you on some great memories.


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GOLF LOG - The Creation of Golfer is created by World renowned Golf Artist - Olivera Cejovic. Golfers very much enjoy their game, and everyone wants to progress and to its maximum. One of the sure ways to improve your golf game is to keep track of your progress, your good and bad moments, and of course to remember every round you play.

Log areas include lot of useful informations, from course, date, players & score information, to all other information about each golf round. GOLF LOG - The Creation of Golfer is unique because it contains beautiful and original GolfArt by Olivera Cejovic.


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This unique GOLF LOG created by Olivera GolfArt is great way to record and keep track of scores, results and observation, and it is absolutely a must-have for golfers of all ages. GOLF LOG – The Creation of Golfer is designed for recording detailed statistics for 60 rounds of golf.

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