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Olivera GolfArt Book – Luxe

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Unique, ultimate quality Golf Art Book dedicated to greatest Golfers and Golf Legends


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In this book, Olivera present some of the most famous Art pieces, she create in last several years. From the greatest golf legends to modern golfers.

This is MUST HAVE BOOK for every avid golfer !


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This is Luxury edition of unique : “OLIVERA GOLFART BOOK” (Hardcover/ImageWrap, 126 pages)

This amazing book contain : 94 selected GolfArt created by the worldwide renowned Artist – Olivera Cejovic.

Couple Reviews and Comments :

“Your art is beautifully free flowing and non contrived, it has a lovely feel, your drawing abilities are superb, and your color is wonderfully soft” – Graeme Baxter

“Olivera Cejovic is a truly amazing artist! The masterpiece she painted for me became an instant classic in my home. I am honored to have one of her extraordinary works.” – Jim Nantz

“The artistic talents of Olivera Cejovic enriches this game in as much as when we look at her art we are reminded of its vivid and magnificent characters, past and present. She has a way of capturing them at the apogee of their talent and appeal; these aesthetic treasures make us, not so much forget about what they won as they do, remind us who they were.” – Brandel Chamblee

“I’m absolutely fascinated by Olivera’s art. The ability to capture not just a player’s expression but also the posture and swing individualities is a rare gift. Having played with most of the pros in this book, I could recognise any of them immediately just by their poses. Wonderful stuff!” – Tony Johnstone

“I have been a fan of Olivera Cejovic for many years. Her love for the game of golf comes through in every piece of her wonderful collection of golf art. I absolutely love her new book, as her collection includes not only todays top players, but also legends like Arnie, Nicklaus, Hogan and many more. This is a must have for anyone who loves the game. ”- Ron Mintz

“Olivera has created some wonderful golf art pieces. I appreciate her skill, creativity and passion. I love the painting she did for me.” Annika Sorenstam

“Your art, like golf, is a window into the soul. You make the union very beautiful.” – Matt Adams

“Your drawings are fantastic!” – The Open

You can enjoy in video presentation of this Book on : YouTUBE

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