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Team Rose – XXXL size


High-end reproduction in XXXL size of magnificent Olivera GolfArt dedicated to one of the greatest European golfers, no.1 in WGR, Golden medal on Olympic games … : Justin Rose and his great RoseTeam.

Product Description

ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass - XXXL size Art reproduction under Acrylic 2mm glass with Aluminium Backing - 122 x 160,6 cm - ready to hang - for the most demanding clients and pure artistic perfection.

Ultra limited edition - only 5 XXXL size reproductions available.

Note: The final print is without watermark.

Additional information



UltraHD Print under Acrylic Glass

Size Chart

Size - 122 x 160,6 cm Acrylic glass 2mm glossy. Wall-Mount system included : Aluminium rails - 80.00 € value

With the ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, Olivera GolfArt enables most demanding clients to emphasise even the smallest details in our Art. The special process results in completely realistic Art-images that rival natural sight and the retina’s ability to bundle visual information into a single experience. Olivera GolfArt achieves this level of realism through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and excellent image optimisation software that analyses Art-pieces and refines image files specifically for this process. In an ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, the contours and details are more powerfully expressed.

NEW: In the Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the visual maximum density is increased another 10%. Now even finer details are reproduced, even in dark, shadowy parts of our GolfArt.

For all special requests (regarding custom size, framing, other print option or anything else), please contact us.

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