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Olivera Art

Art with an eternal value

Olivera Custom Art is a special offer to all, but especially for golfers, athletes, … and all sport fans. Ultimate and unique piece of Art is for sure the best gift with a lifetime value.

Keep in mind that you need to provide a high-res photo with all the necessary permissions. Price for this kind of service depend on many factors (complexity, size, framing, etc). This brilliant artist, shifted the boundaries of the art and create completely recognisable and unique Art pieces

For precise price and offer, be free to contact us.

How long does it take to create Custom Art?

Depend on Art version also from many other factors (complexity of the art, size, etc). But mostly Olivera need 5 days for drawings and up to 20 days for complex mixed-media Art (click for more info).

If you decide to order Museum Quality Framed commissioned / custom Art by this worldwide renowned Artist, be free to contact us.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we highly recommend sending a digital version (high-resolution) and customer can later make any kind of Art-print with or without framing.

“Creating Artwork, dedicated to some ordinary but wonderful people, makes me so happy, fulfilled and joyful.”

– Olivera Cejovic –


Well know like “The Queen of GolfArt” Olivera dedicate her life to Art. Her passion and dedication is absolutely priceless. We can say without exaggeration, that Olivera is one of the leading artists today.

A completely unique style and authentic art technique, her Artworks made extremely respected and appreciated, worldwide.

Some of the most prestigious magazines write about her Art. Supported by the most famous influencers and golf institutions, Olivera GolfArt become high-end ART-BRAND.

There is so many reasons why you need to choose Olivera Custom Art, but let we start with a few basic facts:

  • Olivera is worldwide renewed and recognised artist
  • Her art style is so unique, no chance you can find anything similar
  • Still very affordable prices for highest quality art with eternal value
  • So many famous people already have commissioned Olivera Art
  • Everything has an expiration date – except an pure ArtWork


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