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Giuseppe Joe Velotta – my friend, Partner and amazing person

By OliveraGolfArt

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As always in life, some nice things happen to strange combination of circumstances. If someone had said only a few years ago, that I would be able to meet so many wonderful and great people, I would not have believed.

Certainly one of the special is Joe Velotta. Great, successful, young gentlemen, works in the famous and prestigious KINGDOM magazine (owned by the legendary Arnold Palmer). Pleasantly surprised by my GolfArt, he sent me a few copies of KINGDOM magazine as well as the great LADIES GOLF JOURNAL magazine.

Very soon, we become very good friends. One of Joe passion is photography. And he own amazing collection of great golf photos. Without many questions, he send me many of them, and give me permission to create some GolfArt based on his great photos. How generously and selflessly.

After a while, more photos come from Joe, and yes – I create some of my greatest pieces of GolfArt thanks to Joe Velotta (Keegan, Adam, Luke, Rickie, Rose, etc etc).

Please be free to visit some of GolfArt based on Joe Velotta photos. I am sure that you will like it and many of you for sure will order some of gallery quality prints.

I am so proud, and so happy that I have such a great friend and partner, like Joe Velotta. This is something priceless. And at the and I want to say couple of words to Joe “Dear Joe, thank you so much for your great friendship, and also thanks for so many great golf photos. I am very honoured to be your Partner and to make together with you and other partners make some great achievements in near future.”

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