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Olivera GolfArt in KINGDOM Magazine

By OliveraGolfArt

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It is absolutely great honour to be presented and promoted in one of the most prestigious Golf Magazines : KINGDOM Magazine.

Olivera Cejovic Golf Artist and Olivera GolfArt once again, was recognised like one exceptional, original, unique Art brand and was presented in 15th Anniversary Issue.
Thanks to one exceptional person Joe Velotta (good friend and partner of Olivera), this article was something that will for sure give additional value to Olivera GolfArt.

Olivera Cejovic about this exceptional moment :

In this Anniversary issue, on page 175 there was a text about me and my #GolfArt

This is biggest reward for all my hard work, for all those years I dedicated to #Golf and #GolfArt, to all days months and years I spent in some special world – wold of greatest game ever : #golf

I was so emotional when I saw in such a prestigious magazine text about my GolfArt. After I show this to my family, crying our of luck and happiness – we all start to celebrate this amazing thing.

To me and to my whole family, @arnoldpalmerofficial is special person and he is for us simply The King.

Thx to my dear friend Joe, I become first ever member of @usga from #Montenegro because of my dedication to GolfArt, and that was like in the most beautiful dreams … now with this text in @kingdomgolf … I do not how to express my happiness. This is … one of the best things happened in my life.

Hugs and kisses to my dear friend – for all you done for me – from the early beginning. You believe in me and today I see that you are so proud on all what I done in last 8 years. Thanks SO MUCH. God bless you and your lovely family.



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