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The story behind my Art

By OliveraGolfArt

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With a great pleasure we publish one exceptional story, story that will allow you to better understand Olivera and her Art :

” Please let me explain to you how golf has become a major topic of my artwork :

The best sonnets, compositions, paintings usually testify to the history of human longing for an artistic expression of the unattainable. 

Something that is far away, elusive – in the artistic fascination – speaks more of our everyday experiences, which in moments of physical fulfilment do not feel the spiritual emptiness.

It is possible that this is also my story.

The art of golf, the precision in a split-second, the harmony of whole-body movement that results in a perfect stroke, releasing not only energy but also an explosion of emotions.

Although at first glance, golf for many people, represents simple mechanical movement of hitting the ball on beautiful courses. But, for me, golf is a lifestyle that brings together all our internal struggles, dilemmas, hopes … One golf game can take you through the complete life. Just one perfect swing, after countless bad ones, brings you back to indescribable joy, confidence and emotions, and undoes everything bad, all in just one fraction of a second.

For me, golf is the art of the moment, but also a deep philosophy of life, which I try to express in my Artworks.

I am captivated by the mystique and magic of the game and the masterpieces of the greats who, with their skills and imagination, try to overcome human imperfection and man-made obstacles on their way to the finishing line. Their struggles and triumphs symbolize life itself.

Golf in people awakens the worst but also the best. 

Golf gives you the opportunity to become a better person, or a better version of yourself, but only if you play it the right way – to compete and fight with yourself and against the course around you, not with other players. In golf you are your own judge, which helps you gain valuable experience and shows your true character.

If you indulge yourself and truly embrace golf, it can teach you to look at life differently – more clearly, more meaningfully, and to start enjoying true values.

Art, as well as golf, cannot be “played” if you are superficial, selfish, impatient, …. you can’t play it, unless you care about other people – not just about yourself.

My artistic journey may be in some ways be similar to the Renaissance masters, whose works were mostly devoted to religion. From the most banal to the most complex motives and messages, they tried to make their story strong and clear enough for every individual / observer. At the same time, they presented it in a compelling and sublime way.

Today, these works represent an invaluable legacy for all of humanity.

Who knows, maybe one day, my art will also become a life-guide for future generations … some of them at least. “

Olivera Cejovic for 2020 Luxembourg Art Prize

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