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Old school animation – Golf Swing

By OliveraGolfArt

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This time, we have one great surprise for all of you : Artistic animation of golf swing, created from more than 100 drawings, old school animation, hand made and created for all Olivera GolfArt friends, fans, avid golfers, amateur and professional golfers, … and dedicated to magnificent Pebble Beach and great 2019 US Open.

This animation is published on all social network channels and we are so happy that feedback is more than great. We receive so many compliments and nice comments. This is great, because Olivera try to create something new, different and something that will make golf community happy.

Not an easy task, but golf is based on tradition, on great values, … and not is an easy game. This is why Olivera decide to make something that would on best way describe golf game. Each frame, each drawing is created very carefully, to best represent the motion, the poetry of golf swing, the beauty of the game.

We invite you to enjoy in this video, and of course to enjoy in life and golf.

Note : If you are interested for any of those Artwork pieces, be free to contact us.

Golf Swing dedicated to 2019 US Open

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