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Wonderful World of Olivera GolfArt

From the beginning, Olivera GolfArt try to express deep human emotions, but in same time to send some STRONG and important messages like : INTEGRITY, HONESTY, DEDICATION, PASSION, COURTESY, … All those great values that game of Golf promote – like one amazing and specific human activity. Wonderful World of Olivera GolfArt – is a […]

Unique Ball Markers

  As we write in one of our previous posts, Olivera GolfArt make one great cooperation with a great company DEVEL Golf. Main goal was : creation and production of LIMITED EDITION OLIVERA GOLFART BALL MARKERS with unique design. After couple of months, today, with a great pleasure, we can present you – the final product […]

Exclusive: Olivera GolfArt Calendar 2017

2016 year, ending with pride and joy for the whole team of Olivera GolfArt Gallery&Shop. But also ending with a remarkable project: Olivera GolfArt Calendar 2017. This  premium quality, luxury and unique Calendar is intended for real lovers of golf and art. 13 page with 12 exceptional GolfArt pieces. Designed personally by Olivera (she make […]