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Wonderful World of Olivera GolfArt

By OliveraGolfArt

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From the beginning, Olivera GolfArt try to express deep human emotions, but in same time to send some STRONG and important messages like : INTEGRITY, HONESTY, DEDICATION, PASSION, COURTESY, … All those great values that game of Golf promote – like one amazing and specific human activity.

Wonderful World of Olivera GolfArt – is a new collection of fantastic and unique pieces created by this worldwide renowned Golf Artist. The combination of some recognisable animals / insects and golf balls, has opened a new fantastic and magical new world. World that represent one great game (Golf) and in same promote great human values.

Those GolfArt pieces will be soon (before Christmas) available in Olivera GolfArt Gallery&Shop. Great news for all Olivera GolfArt fans is – that those pieces will be available also like MINIATURES (20x15cm) – with a cute dimensions and affordable prices, but also produced in ultimate quality (WhiteWall). New product line : Wonderful World of Olivera GolfArt will be something great and new – for all avid golfers, but especially for kids that love and play golf.

In this post, we present 2 of many GolfArt pieces from this collection – WISE GOLF and GOLF BEETLE :


Olivera GolfArt Gallery&Shop

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