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Big changes after June 01, 2018

By OliveraGolfArt

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Dear friends, followers and fans, because of many great changes and many news regarding Olivera GolfArt, from 01 June 2018, we will have HUGE changes on our website – but most of all, we will have many changes regarding our products and new prices.

After so many years, Olivera GolfArt become worldwide famous brand, appreciated by professional golfers, golf institutions and organisations, many golfers around the globe, and many great brands. After all – we have obligation to make some new steps and make a new way of promotional activities – especially for great Art that this amazing Artist produce.

In cooperation and in partnership with OB Creative, some part of our highest quality Art production will be based in Montenegro, and other – the most luxury offer will be still in UK.

We want to thank you all, for loyalty, for support and all great compliments we received all those years. Now, we need to go further and to make one part (the most luxury GolfArt pieces) of Art Product by Olivera GolfArt to become something that very selected people and companies can afford and for major part of golf fans – we will always have some special promotions and limited edition of affordable GolfArt pieces.

Thanks again for amazing support and use this May – to make order for many available GolfArt pieces. After June 01 – everything will be SUPER-LIMITED and with a prices that Olivera GolfArt deserve.

We will be always ready to provide special discounts and special prices for our special clients (collectors) and bigger orders. Be free to contact us.

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