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Frank Föhlinger – beautiful story about friendship and pARTnership

By OliveraGolfArt

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As always in life, quite by chance, happen the most beautiful things. I met Frank through Twitter. While I was working GolfArt dedicated lovely Emma Cabrera Bello – photo that she provide me – was actually by Frank. Later I realised that many exceptional golf photos are Frank’s photographs. In his photographs I immediately recognised the incredible artistic expression, and I admit that I some of the best GolfArt pieces have inspired by Frank fantastic photos. Here you can see some of GolfArt pieces based on Frank Föhlinger photos.

It was always my great pleasure and great honour to work together with Frank. He is absolutely great photographer, but in same time, he is such a great person – with such a great sense for humour, with amazing sense for support and in one word – he is truly great and loyal friend.

Day by day, I was so happy that I meet such a person, and in same time great artist. I am more than proud that Frank is my partner, and more than happy that he is my very good friend. I know, there are not many such a wonderful persons. Without much thinking, Frank allowed me to use his photos and give me permission for my GolfArt based on his photos. In his photo gallery, there are the greatest golfers of today, from amazing male golfers to adorable lady golfers. Golf moments that he captured with his camera, are so special and full of many emotions. This I really like, because I’m trying to express exactly same in my GolfArt – “explosion” of emotions in beautiful game of golf.

Also, thanks to Frank, some of my GolfArt pieces are owned by very famous people. He is also a great promoter of what we do together.

More about my friend and my partner Frank Föhlinger you can find on his official website.

And now, couple of words to Frank: “Dear Frank, I wish you all the best in life. It is very difficult to describe with words my great pleasure and honour to meet you and that we have become great partners – but above all – great friends. Thank you for everything.”

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