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When a dream become reality

By OliveraGolfArt

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“This is long and interesting story. But basically, thanks to my husband, I start to play golf – on some meadows near our hometown. Day by day, we become very obsessed with golf. And one day, my husband ask me : can I create some paintings for our apartment – some nice golf painting. And I did it … one painting, then another and another … We enjoy so much surrounded by beautiful golf paintings. 

Then, some friends saw that, and they start to share pictures of my GolfArt on social network … After a while, I decide to open my Twitter account, and for a short time, I get so many great fans. I really appreciate so much – great support from so many great persons. So many compliments and so many nice words.

After a while, I decide to start one interesting project – unique GolfArt Book, dedicated to some of the greatest golf legends and The Open Championship. This was a huge project … 2 years of everyday work … very often I worked over 10 hours … but at the and, this was one exceptional experience. I wish to make something to will be my humble contribution to this amazing sport : Golf. All those great values are something that impress me very much.

For this book, I get such a amazing support. Also, I have honour and pleasure to met the greatest gentleman in my life – Mr.Peter Dawson. He provide me unbelievable support and help. And I will never be able to repay all generosity and greatness to Mr. Dawson, R&A, Angela Howe, Getty Image, and many other. How to describe my happiness, when Mr Dawson send me foreword for my GolfArt Book. This is … just priceless.

Today I am so proud, because this luxury GolfArt Book is something very valuable and unique, and still many pure golf fans purchase this Book.

My dream become reality – and I make one nice tribute to great golf legends and great game of golf. I realise that golf is not just a game – golf is way of life. And thanks to this great love and passion, I dedicate my life to GolfArt.”

Olivera Cejovic

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