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Welcome letter by Olivera

By OliveraGolfArt

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My dear friends, followers and fans,

First of all, I want to thank you very much for the great support that you provide me for a long time. Without you, I would not have so much strength and will to dedicate my life and work so hard on my GolfArt. Thank you for all the wonderful words and compliments.

I would also like to especially thank my partners and dear friends, without whom all this would not be possible: Frank, Tristan, Joe – you are wonderful people and I thank you for everything. I hope that you will be proud of us this joint project. Without yours great golf photos, I never be able to create such a great gallery of such a great golfers.

Special thanks to my husband Branko, who has worked for months on this project, and without whose support and assistance Olivera GolfArt Gallery & Shop would not be realised.

I am really very proud and happy, after so many years, I can give and present my artistic works in the best possible way. Quality of limited-edition Olivera GolfArt prints is really at the highest level, thanks to the extraordinary service of WhiteWall company.

And as always, I expect your support and sincere assistance to Olivera GolfArt Gallery & Shop – to become best place to all of you my dear golfers. I invite you to also visit and enjoy in my GolfArt on my personal website: Olivera GolfArt

My best wishes,
Olivera Cejovic

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