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Promotional period ending soon

When we start with Olivera GolfArt Gallery&Shop we decide to make some exceptional offers to all fans of Olivera GolfArt. And we make that – we have so many great offers that allow many avid golfers to become proud owner of some of the unique limited edition Olivera GolfArt pieces. We are so happy that […]

Unique T-shirt for avid golfers

  Important note – August 12 – update : Right now, only 6 unique t-shirts are available : 03/10, 04/10, 05/10, 08/10, 09/10, 10/10 Pick your number (because every of 10 available t-shirts are NUMERATED and SIGNED) and send your request here   Olivera Naughty Ball was created with the intention to present on an interesting, […]