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An incredible story about an exceptional artist

By OliveraGolfArt

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Who is Olivera Cejovic?

This is an interesting story about one exceptional person with whom we have honour and pleasure to have this interview.

Olivera Cejovic is a lady who deserves not only admiration for her incredible beauty and grace, education and culture – this is a person who deserves great respect for her exceptional dedication and success in Art.

It’s hard for you to find people who are willing to dedicate 10 and more hours daily, working with a passion and giving such a gift to the whole world. Olivera is a very modest person, for which you would never say that she is one of the leading and most famous Golf Artists in the world.

One of the best students in Art Academy, today is famous and recognised throughout the world … but not in her Montenegro. Why? You discover it yourself from this article.

The whole story of her success is so interesting that some of the most prestigious international magazines write a about Olivera and her famous brand Oliver GolfArt. Her works adorn some of the most prestigious golf clubs, but also beautiful villas, hotels and houses all over to the world.

The biggest giants and most famous professional golfers, as well as many golf organisations and companies, have in their homes or offices Olivera’s ArtWorks. A completely recognisable style, brought to perfection, bears the attention of the wide audience, too – although in the past 10 years its main themes was: GOLF MOMENTS and FAMOUS GOLFERS – people simply adore her ArtWorks.

She is well-known in the world as Queen of the GolfArt, and this name was given to her by her fans and people who enjoy and love her GolfArt.

But that’s not all, in the collection of her exceptional ArtWorks, there are pieces devoted to Montenegro. Those Art collection on the best way describe her love and devotion to her country and the people she live with.

We had honor to spend few hours, talking with Olivera and what we can say is: That’s one modest but in every sense exceptional person. As soon as you see her, you will be amazed with her beautiful smile and unreal beauty. Then there is a whole series of new surprises … her eloquence, culture and education is something that is very rarely to meet.

Although, she admits that she doesn’t like too much contact with media. She do not enjoy in media attention – but after a few hours spent with Olivera, you will have the impression that you know her whole life. Ready to hear and to help, without any hidden intentions and interests, which really everyone leaves breathless. Her character is also seen in the fact that we ourselves have discovered that she is donor of the most prestigious world foundations (who are primarily concerned with the health of children and females). About those donation she does not want to talk, because she thinks – these are things that are implied and do not deserve to be used for any promotional purposes.

Than, in the special folder where she keep her Art sketches, we notice that she was invited and engaged to work for the world famous brands : Adidas, Nike, Nestle, … and at the bottom of those arts, we discover one exceptional piece of Art. We recognise #41 President of US : Mr George HW Bush. Of course, we ask Olivera to tell us more about such a amazing piece of Art. She just told us : “I was invited to create one unique piece of Art for Bush Cup Foundation, dedicated to President Bush, Jim Nantz (the three-time Emmy Award winner and five-time National Sportscaster of the Year, working on CBS), Eddie Merrins, Ken Venturi, Mr Nantz Sr and Jim Langley. This is one long and so emotional story. Probably one of the most important projects in my life. But above everything – was such a great honour for me.”

We was speechless … What to say after this? When you see such a modest person with such a amazing talent and such a gorgeous success … you discover that some persons are really special and different from others. Olivera is a rare jewel, deserve huge respect and admiration. What a incredible lady.

We would to spent days and months with her, but she politely told us that she must back to work. Never and in no conditions, she pass any day without creative work. Right now, she told us, she create something very special and will be a big surprise for all her fans.

Olivera Cejovic is a lady we are immensely admired, with whom we have outstanding honour and pleasure to spend couple of hours and we discovered how incredible people around us exist – and we are not aware about that.

It would be so good, that one day, Olivera allow people to better know her, her life, her Art career, … because this lady have so many to tell. Young generations can learn a lot from her. Even a small part of her incredible life story is like a best movie ever.

Today, thanks to Olivera, we learn: No matter where you live and where you work, with hard-work, passion and dedication you can reach the sky. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT is how to become well-educated, well-mannered and in same time modest and simple person.

Dear Olivera. We absolutely love you … and the whole world loves you !
Thanks for everything.

OB Creative
May, 2018



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